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Journalist. Entertainment Editor of Everything Girls Love. Elite Daily and Pop Sugar Contributor. 

No Such Thing as Balance: Moms Get Real About Career and Family

In the film Bad Moms, Amy Mitchell, played by actress Mila Kunis, reaches her breaking point. With the stress of trying to manage her children's busy schedules, meet her boss's expectations, and earn respect from the "perfect mothers" in the PTA, Mitchell decides to let go of some of her responsibilities and be a bad parent for once. Along with two other stressed-out moms, played by Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell, she gets drunk at a bar, throws a massive house party, and trashes a grocery store

5 Reasons Why You Should Wait To Announce Your Milestones On Social Media

In the social media age, we can sometimes feel pressured to compete with our friends and post everything regarding our achievements. Then, when things don’t happen the way we hoped (or when we simply change our minds), we feel obligated to give everyone an explanation. Life is hard enough. You don’t need the added pressure of explaining why something did or did not work out. Here are five reasons why you should hold off on announcing your next move until it’s a done deal. There’s nothing lik

10 Gorgeous Insta Celebs Who Prove Confidence Is The Key To Sexiness

It’s that time of year again! Spring is near, so sandy beaches, tropical drinks, cute bikinis and of course, warm weather Instagrams are in our forecast. We love when our favorite celebs flaunt their superhuman curves of all shapes and sizes on social media, and just in case you need some inspiration to find your sexy this spring, check out these 10 inspiring Instagram accounts. Nicki Minaj is without a doubt one of the hottest people on Instagram. The Queen is not afraid to take risks and we


Growing up, I had a hard time finding my way. While other kids excelled at sports and playground gossip, I was in a corner with a Junie B. Jones book shoved up my nose. What does this have to do with anything, you may ask? It means everything. My love for literature laid the foundation for a career in journalism. 

I believe journalists have one of the most powerful professions in the world. We essentially take information from the masses and put it on someone’s coffee table, generating dialogue and even sparking debates.

As a journalist, I know how important it is to meet deadlines, establish professional relationships and create content that readers cannot resist. I am great at taking hardcore issues and adding a popular culture spin to them, while providing readers with facts that could essentially save lives. 

Fourteen years ago, I was a lost little girl who kept my nose in a book. Now, I am a social butterfly who is eager to further my journalism career. I have a passion for news, I have an undeniable work ethic and I have the skills that will take me far in this profession.

Thank you for all your support.


Ericka Smith